Skeet Shoot Results
Automated Upload Page
Courtesy of BDB Systems Shoot Software
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Enter the file name to upload from your PC
(The NSSA has changed the file format and file names
Files will now be of the form CBxxxxxx.txt where the CB
is the initials of the software writer and the xxxxxx
is the shoot number assigned by NSSA. (The other set of
initials will probably be MVxxxxxx.txt. ) If you are not
using the new file format, see the link below. In any
case, if you are using the new file format, use the name
of the file you will be sending to the NSSA)

If you make a mistake and need to resend
the data, please change the shoot name
(i.e. OLD WEST 07 to OLD WEST 07 UPDATE),
recreate the file to be sent to NSSA, upload the new results
and send me an email so I can delete the old shoot

Enter your city and state so people know where the shoot was held.

REMEMBER to hit reload(FIrefox) or refresh(IE) when you return to the results page

To upload using the old (pre-2003) file Go Here

NOTICE! This is an experimental system
If people abuse it, I'll have to set up passwords to prevent abuse which will make it harder for everyone